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FUNDAMENTA is an independent asset management company, prepared and dedicated to invest professionally.

FUNDAMENTA is an asset management company founded in 2006 by Raul Freire and Valter Bianchi Filho, executives with solid experience in credit and entrepreneurship. The core value proposition is to deliver consistent investment returns through a skilled research team and decision-making process based on fundamental analysis and strong discipline.

We believe Brazil is in process of improving its economy and capital markets, and many investment opportunities will arise along this road. Native knowledge of the country is essential to correctly judge the investment cases.

Buy-side research team and decision-making process are oriented by the principles of fundamental analysis and value investing, with an entrepreneurial approach that makes FUNDAMENTA look for value beyond usual valuation procedures.

FUNDAMENTA has assets under management of R$ 800 million, a history of growth, work and focus on our investors.

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Our Mission

To invest with great competence and ethical standards, in order to bring satisfaction and prosperity to our stakeholders.


Raul do Amaral Souza Freire: Chief Investment Officer and partner

Valter Bianchi Filho: Chief Investment Officer and partner

Laís Martins Fracasso: Buy-side analyst and partner

Ricardo Tesche: Chief Risk and Compliance Officer and partner

Luigi Micales: Buy-side analyst and partner

José Roberto Canto Porto: Buy-side analyst and partner

Roberto Krasner: Buy-side analyst and partner


Phone: +55 51 3085 8160
E-mail: fundamenta@fundamenta.adm.br


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